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Dr Malin Garemo

PhD, Registered Dietician

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Dr Malin Garemo



A warm welcome!

I am dedicated to helping clients in all stages of life to ​unlock the keys to sustainable health, whether for ​themselves or their families. Every life stage comes with ​its unique beauty and challenges; your health journey ​begins right where you are.

My goal is to empower clients to take control over their ​health. Together, we will break down barriers and focus on ​what matters most, ensuring each client receives a great ​return on their investment as they work towards a ​healthier, more vital life.

Discover more about my food and health philosophy here.

My food and health philosophy

POSITIVE ATTITUDE Directional sign


Embrace the power of positive thinking! Your thoughts and attitude greatly influence your actions and overall well-being.

Treat yourself with the same kindness you extend to others, and you're on the right path.

 Happy Business Woman


"Good enough" is perfectly fine when it comes to food, movement, and sleep. Consistency, not perfection, is the key to success.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who support your well-being journey.

Healthy food selection


When you can name the ingredients in your food, you're on the right track.

Food colourful as the rainbow? Even better. Mainly plant based? Look at you! You are making great choices for your health and the planet.

Couple at Healing Session Outdoors, Focus on Singing Bowl


Our body, soul, social interactions, and environment are all interconnected.

Nurturing all aspects improves overall well-being. We'll draw inspiration from the "Blue Zones."

Environmental Investment Concept


Investing in long-term health is similar to the stock market: sometimes confusing or challenging, but generally offering great returns.

The major difference is that we cannot afford NOT to invest in our health.

What clients say

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“ Love your workshop and your knowledge. You ​have a way of sharing that is unique. Would love ​to attend more of these kind of workshops!”

“Ok, this is not just tasty, it is supertasty. Our ​dietician is a GENIOUS...”

“ general, I’m doing better, no pain, no ​acidity.... -3kg now. No gluten! Without eating ​less... “

“What a treat it was to have you to ourselves! A ​morning full of insight, smiles and “tears”. Lots of ​food for thought, scope for change and ​improvement...”

Individualised Nutrition

Do you need support in managing a nutrition-related ​disease; celiac, IBS, (pre)diabetes, your heart, gut or ​brain health, or any other nutrition related conditions ​(pre/post pregnancy, menopause, osteoporosis,)?

Are you ready to feel feel fabulous again? Tired of ​running on empty battery, mood swings, feeling bloated ​or not getting results from your training?

I offer personalised nutrition consultations tailored to ​YOUR specific needs, addressing the root causes of the ​issues and providing evidence backed holistic nutrition ​therapy.

BOOST will provide you with hands on evidence backed ​recommendations on how to enhance your nutrition, ​after which you will work on your own to improve your ​health.

VITALITY will provide you with continuous support on ​your health journey, adjusting and tweaking nutrition ​and health advise to optimise your health.

Together we will find science backed and impactful ways ​to unleash your potential for a healthier and more ​vibrant life.

Healthy ingredients, healthier you


Cheerful Couple Cooking Healthy Fresh Salad


We'll dive deep into your current nutrition and ​lifestyle and based on your needs, we'll create ​powerful, hands-on, and attainable ​adjustments for a more vital you.

Your investment of 650 Euros includes:

  • Thorough assessment
  • 5 one-to-one consultations
  • Personalized reports with supporting tools
  • Accountability and support as needed

Upgrade to VITALITY PLUS for 10 one-to-one ​sessions at 1100 Euros.

A warm welcome to book a free explorative ​consultation here to learn more.

Family Nutrition

Are you seeking to enhance your family's dietary habits ​but unsure where to start? Do you find yourself ​perplexed by conflicting advice on nourishing your ​children? Has your child been diagnosed with a ​nutrition-related condition?

Food and proper nutrition lie at the very core of our ​well-being, starting from pre-pregnancy and extending ​throughout our lives.

As our children begin to eat independently, as parents, ​we aspire to provide them with nutritious food. This not ​only optimizes their growth but also establishes a ​foundation for success, enabling them to thrive, ​concentrate, and prevent tantrums—whether at school, ​bedtime, or during social interactions with friends.

While being a family and raising children brings immense ​joy and fulfillment, it is not always an easy task and at ​times we need support!

Get help to transform your family's eating habits and set ​your children on the path to lifelong health.

A warm welcome to book a free consultation here to ​learn more.

Beautiful family at the beach


Combining your expertise as a parent with my ​30 years of experience in nutrition, I will equip ​you with simple, impactful, and hands-on ​suggestions for meal planning, shopping, ​cooking, and eating smart, keeping your ​children's preferences in mind.

Your investment of 480 Euros includes:

  • Family meal assessment
  • 3 one-to-one sessions
  • Personalized report with recipes
  • WhatsApp/messenger support as needed

A warm welcome to book a free explorative ​consultation here to learn more.

Smiling Children


Multiethnic business team people communicating at corporate group briefing

Corporate Wellness

From my capacity as a university professor, clinical registered ​dietitian, leader, researcher, ​educator, and global citizen, I bring ​forth a wealth of experience and a deep appreciation for ​​multicultural environments. I derive immense satisfaction from ​sharing my expertise in diverse ​ways.

Corporate Nutrition Talks and Workshops: I offer customized ​nutrition talks and workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of ​your corporation.

Nutrition Programs: I offer nutrition programs in corporate settings, ​tailored to meet the specific wishes of your corporation.

Nutrition and Health Consultancy: I offer consulting services based ​on my areas of expertise.

A warm welcome for you to send an email to me at ​ to explore how we can collaborate to ​enhance health and well-being within your corporation.

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About Me

I am Dr. Malin Garemo (PhD, MSc), a registered dietician and a global citizen.

Food is one of our basic needs and in my view health is a democratic right. I ​am fascinated by how our food and lifestyle have the capacity to prevent, ​cause and heal diseases.

Health and happiness are closely intertwined. Genetic is important, but ​remarkably, 70-80% of our health outcomes are determined by our nutrition ​and lifestyle choices. This makes me equally excited every single day as we ​got the power!

I am curious, optimistic and resilient. I have lived in 5 countries, speak several ​languages and in my spare time I can be found traveling, reading, hiking in the ​mountains, drinking tea and discussing life with friends.

I am also a mother of 3, dog owner and run the podcast “Expatlife with Malin ​and Helena”. Nowadays I am located in Madrid.

With happiness and health,

Dr Malin

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WhatsApp: 0034 690 353 332

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